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simply manas logoLeanne and her sister in Law Mandy Manas opened up Simply Manas Gift Emporium in 2011. Simply Manas, situated in Sandton City JHB, is a family-owned and run business. It is the all-in-one gift store designed to help you tell someone just how special they are. SMGE offers the ideal gifts for every occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, christening, birthday or “just because” gift, you’ll find it there. At Simply Manas, you’ll also enjoy gift-wrapping that’s unlike anywhere else.

Customers can select how they would like their gifts wrapped at our “Candy Store” wrapping station. Transform a present into a token of love by mixing and matching gift-wrap, ribbons, sprinkles and more. Making your special gift, a little more personal. While Simply Manas is technically called a “Gift Emporium”, we prefer to be known as the ‘I love you, I miss you, I think you’re wonderful, and I just want to let you know’ store!


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